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paul1763 | 08:51 Mon 05th Jun 2017 | Technology
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ive finally taken the plunge and getting a new laptop Wednesday and would like to know what is the best anti virus etc to buy with it, i don't know if its any good but its an Asus X 540 sa


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Paul I am assuming that the lappie will come with w10 installed, in which case you do not require additional anti virus programmes. Defender that is built in with w10 is perfectly adequate. I am running a desk top and a lap top both with w10 and both protected by defender. If you start installing bolt on security programmes you are going to cause conflict with Defender and will be bombarded with upgrade offers and the like. Avoid.
I can endorse completely what Togo says, don't waste your money, adding extra ones can in fact only add complications as these things can work against one aother.
Computeractive magazine no.493...."Stop using Windows Security- switch to an anti-virus that actually works"..."shocking how little protection Windows Defender actually provides"..."only protected against 74 of the 84 viruses and malware threats inflicted".
windows defender not that good and when you install a very good one (free) like avast for instance windows defender will cut itself off..
the windows firewall is ok though
Paul, I'm afraid the laptop you are buying is a Which Don't Buy. It only scores 43% out of 100% in their tests. On the other hand, the ASUS E200 (also referred to as the VivoBook E200HA) is a Best Buy and scores 73%. However, the reviews from customers aren't so good. But, the Acer Swift 1 is a good Best Buy option @ about £330 and scores 72% with better reviews from customers than the ASUS. Hope this helps.
Khandro...notice the word "could" in the title of that piece - very significant. The piece is the opinion of one person.
We're all entitled to our own opinions, of course - but I prefer to rely on the objective results of laboratory testing rather than the subjective opinion of individuals. (Something to do with my scientific background, I suspect!)
jingejbee; It is an opinion, but it is an informed opinion (ex Mozilla techie) and a lot of informed people seem to agree with him, if you read their comments at the bottom of this link;
...I see as many comments anti-Defender as for.....
Still, you're happy with Defender and I'm happy with Kaspersky (particularly so, since it's free with my online banking!) let's agree to differ on this.
I have used Norton for the last 3 years and it seems to be working very well.
Next to Windows Defender the best Anti Virus Programme is to stay well away from

Next to Windows Defender, the best Anti Virus Programme is to stay away away from what could be 'dubious' sites. Not easy but it is possible.


This site of AB is becoming stupid.

I typed part of a sentence which the disappeared completely but reappeared after a retype and posting.

Perhaps there are viruses about.

Question Author
thanks all for your answers, i will not add anything to it until i've tried the defender you mention.
hans; //I typed part of a sentence which the disappeared completely but reappeared after a retype and posting.
Perhaps there are viruses about.//

You shudda used Defender :0)
ive used comodo internet security for years along with malwarebytes never had anything happen with any viruses in that time
I use Defender with Windows 7 and am quite happy with it. However, it is a tragedy that AB has become over problematic, even with the unmentionable 'add-on'.


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