Time For A New Laptop?

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smurfchops | 15:10 Sun 04th Jun 2017 | Technology
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I have an emachines laptop bought probably around seven eight years ago. I just use it for typing, selling on ebay and for storing photos and documents and backing up to a memory stick. Mainly anything to do with typing, cutting, pasting etc. Othereise I use my ipad. I have a compatible battery for the laptop bought around three years ago. I notice the battery box is getting very hot and taking much longer to charge, am I due for a new battery.... Or a new laptop? Can you recommend a basic laptop please if its time for me to buy one?


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Hi Smurfchops.

Have you tried adding a keyboard to your ipad to see if you could live without entirely?

What sort of budget do you have?
If ain't broken...
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Hi Ed, I use my laptop for saving photos to a memory stick, also for typing letters and print them. If I buy a keyboard for my iPad Mini, how would I type documents, save and print, and also save photos and documenta to a memory stick?
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Sorry iCloud? This is getting too technical for me!! Best new laptop to buy please?
Unfortunately I can't recommend a brand or model, smurfchops, but from frustrated experience I'd suggest you avoid Lenovo.
I've had many a fraught time with mine, especially connectivity.

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Time For A New Laptop?

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