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anaxcrosswords | 09:46 Mon 15th May 2017 | Technology
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Has anyone installed this? It's a £40 product - general PC maintenance thing - and what concerns me is that you have to dial an 0800 number to gain the product key. That isn't the problem (free number after all). What concerns me is the guy wants to access my PC to 'find out what causes the problems' that the initial scan identified.
Before I go any furtther, can I ask if anyone else has either:
A) Used this Smart-System Care product?
B) Used anything else where you have to call for activation?
C) (In light of B above) given a tech guy remote access to your PC?


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My gut reaction is not to use this !

First...what problems are you experiencing ?

If you have good anti-virus software installed, then almost all viruses will be found and eliminated.

If you are still concerned, use a local PC repair service/shop, rather than use this service.

Perhaps our techies can advise you further !
Looks a bit dodgy Ana !
No, don't use it....
If you want a good, FREE PC cleaner, use "CCleaner" from piriform. It's the best program for de-cluttering recommended by Computeractive magazine. Get it direct from get free version NOT the free trial.
(Click Download Free Version, then Free Download and then the Download button in the Free column.)
I've used it for years with no problems at all.

First, people rarely if ever need these "system clean up" type products. They promise the earth and deliver very little benefit.

Secondly. often the initial scan highlights all sorts of problems (almost all of which don't really exist) just to make you think your PC is in a mess and you need to buy this software. Don't believe them.

Thirdly, ANY company that asks for access to your PC before you install a piece of software is VERY DODGY and should be avoided.

If you EVER get a phone call saying they are Microsoft or Windows Support (or similar) saying you have a problem with your PC then tell them to f*** off and DONT give them access to your PC (or give them your credit card details to pay for support). They are all scams.

If you give anyone access to your PC they could steal all your files or install dodgy software that records all your key strokes (to steal your logon details for your bank etc).

The internet is like the wild west nowadays so we all need to keep on our toes to stop getting in to trouble.

Stay aware.
Well said,Guilbert.
On the subject of callers wanting access to your pc to help you get rid of problems, "Raj from BT OpenReach" called my elderly mother at least three times last week. When I visited her and happened to answer the 'phone to the latest call, he asked me to switch on my pc. I told him I could not do this as I could not reach the on/off switch. He asked why not? I told him that it was 20 miles away. The line went dead and he hasn't called back since.
And a well said from me as well Guilbert !
I echo every word said by Guilbert.

Out of interest, how did you come into contact with a chap trying to flog you a worthless product. If you are having problems with your computer, it's always a good move to first put a question on the matter into Answerbank.

Meanwhile, stay clear of Smart System Care; Ccleaner and other such items. The following is worth reading. :-

Question Author
Sorry for delay replying, chaps - had to take daughter to college. Thanks for responses!
Contact came about only because I was looking to add AdBlocker to MS Edge. When I take the usual route, ie Microsoft's own store, I'm asked for an account password which is wrong whatever I put in, so I was looking for an alternative.
if anything it will make the pc worse, resource hog for one thing
as was mentioned detects problems that dont exist, and or makes problems, the only thing i use it ccleaner.

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