My New Tablet - Task Bar Has Gone Large On It's Own - Help Please!

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moggie 939 | 12:05 Sun 14th May 2017 | Technology
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Just bought a new Acer 8" WINDOWS 10 Tablet and spent a couple of hours setting it all up with everything off my old tablet.
Whilst I was setting it into tablet mode (I do not use the apps screen) I must have touched something on the screen with my finger and the task bar with the clock and all the little buttons went from about 1/2 " deep to over 1
I remember from the past that arrows appeared at end of taskbar but I have tried everything and cannot minimise it! Help please


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If the bar is locked, the sizing arrows won't show - right-click the Taskbar, untick "Lock the taskbar" - the arrows should now show, resize the bar then retick "Lock the taskbar".
Apologies, I've just realised you're on a tablet & I've never used one so don't know if my first post applies...
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Hello Lie in King
solved the problem without knowing how! Am in tablet not apps mode and the box for 'help with easy screen access' or something like that was marked 'off' When I switched it to 'on' the little arrow appeared above the task bar and I was able to adjust the size as you said!
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My New Tablet - Task Bar Has Gone Large On It's Own - Help Please!

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