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sretiolc | 16:55 Mon 08th May 2017 | Technology
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I have suddenly started having problems with Facebook and LinkedIn when trying to use my wifi at home. The pages do not update or sometimes can't log on unless I just use 4g.
This happens to anyone using my wifi when using an iPhone or iPad. Someone on a Samsung has no issues.
I've tried ringing sky and refreshing everything/ resetting etc etc - to no avail- anyone got an idea ?


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. . . and refreshing everything/ resetting etc etc

Does that include turning your router off and on again? If that doesn't work you might need to reset your router (by pushing the end of an opened-out paperclip into the reset hole and holding it there for 15 seconds). However before doing that you should ensure that you know how to access your router's settings and the necessary information which needs to be stored there. (When I had to reset my router for the first time I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of the key settings were retained but I wouldn't like to guarantee that would always be the case!)
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No I haven't tried that, Sky never suggested it and I'm not very technically minded. Just curious aswell why it has only affected FB, LinkedIn and WhatsApp
Turn your router off. WAIT for at least a minute and power it back up again. (Don't worry if it seems to take ages for all the lights to come back on again. That's normal; it will get there eventually!).

I've no idea why routers stop working with only certain devices (or only with certain apps). I just know that it does happen and the old trick of 'turning it off and turning it on again' often fixes the problem. It's certainly worth a try anyway.
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I've tried rebooting the router several times. I've rebooted the phone and the iPad, updated all apps, renewed the Lease on the IP address (

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Problems With Wifi

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