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ro2124 | 13:32 Wed 03rd May 2017 | Technology
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Recently bought a new Win10 laptop. Seems a lot of them these days do not have traditional hard drive, but eMMC chips. well guess in a way that would be more reliable and faster than traditional hard drives with less to go wrong or maybe I'm deluding myself?

only problem with these chips is the very limited hard drive space, on mine only 32 GB which soon fills up with extra software one downloads, down to 4 GB already.
so trying to slim it down a bit ( and yes of course I have installed extra expansion SD card for non windows system items like photos and videos)

Well I'm not a windows expert, but I do know that there is a file called hiberfil.sys which is usually quite large as its used for hibernate function I believe. what I dont understand on Windows10 seems there is no hibernate only Off,sleep and restart. so cant understand why there is that hiberfil.sys file..and can it be deleted safely??

there is another large file called pagefile.sys, but think that should be left alone.

Final question is it possible to install and run programs on the other expansion SD card or do they have to be stored in Program files on the C drive chip?


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Don't delete pagefile.sys as this is an important Windows file (used for Window paging when it needs to manage memory)

This article here may help with hiberfile.sys

One of the options with Windows 10 is to save files in OneDrive (their cloud solution) and not on the memory card, that should save space.

However you do need to be attached to the web to access OneDrive so that may not be a great solution for some people.

Why not buy a small portable USB external hard drive to store your files (music etc) as this does not need a mains power supply.

Personally I would not buy a laptop unless it had a decent sized hard dirve as some of these memory "cards" (eMMC) are just too small.
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Yeah confirms what I thought about the page file best left alone. and yeah I saw the article about deleting hibersys file before..

just don't understand what it's doing there in the first place since the laptop does not have hibernate, only sleep. As for photos music etc, as I said already installed an SD card with 64 gigabytes that should be enough. Plus have several other external drives so it won't be much of a problem regarding space. of course a bigger hard drive would be useful but I can run it the way it is now without too many problems. and with eMMC chip the computer is nice and light for travel which is useful.

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