Making Google My Home Page Problem.

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anotheoldgit | 11:00 Fri 21st Apr 2017 | Technology
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I recently made Google my home page, but now when I switch on my computer it not only loads Google but also the page I used to 'make Google my homepage' plus an additional Google search page.

How can I prevent these two additional pages from loading automatically, on switch on?


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You need to tell us which browser you are using (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc)
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Sorry Guilbert53, I am using Firefox.
Some browsers allow you to set multiple home pages, all of which come up when you open a new tab. Can only suggest checking the relevant settings.
In Menu - Options - General - under home tab is it set to 'Show my home page' or 'show my tabs from last time'?
With Google open, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. Select "settings" from the drop down menu.

Under the "On start up" heading it should include the website you have "selected as your home page". Click on "set pages" I suspect you have three pages listed here. Delete the ones you don't want ensuring you have as the page you want to open when starting Google.
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Thanks for all your answers, but I could not find Menu - Options - General or even the three vertical dots.

I have managed to get rid of the extra pages by deleting the rather long extension following the usual simple web address ie

But thanks again guys for all your trouble.
For future reference AOG in Firefox the menu button is not 3 vertical dots it is 3 horizontal stripes. If you click there then you get a wondoiw with your options etc.
Glad you got it sorted anyway.

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Making Google My Home Page Problem.

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