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chanel5 | 12:02 Tue 04th Apr 2017 | Technology
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When I clicked on a link that came up on my Facebook page, a warning came up from Microsoft Windows 10 to say that a Zeus Trojan Virus had attacked my computer. There was a number to ring for technical support. The man who answered with an Asian accent said he was a technician and could service my computer and remove all viruses and malware for a fee. He also said my McAfee cover was not sufficient for the major viruses, and offered to install "Network Shield" which he said would prevent the same thing happening again - again for a fee.
I have in the past received phone calls from people with Asian accents telling me my computer was under attack and asking for credit card details to fix it. I know these calls to be a scam. But the on-screen warning appeared to come from Microsoft Windows 10 - is this also a scam? Is this kind of "technical support" genuine, and can it be trusted? I am at a loss to know what to do. Does anyone have any previous experience of this?
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A scam every time, stay well clear!!!

It is a Scam, do not open strange emails, you could possibly infect your computer by just opening a Link.

Run Malwarebytes.
That is a pop up that will not let you close it. Clear your cache and, I would advise your browser history. You will need to then close down and re-boot. You will also find that you will need to log in on any sites, including AB, that you had allowed to retain your log in details. Amazon, Pay Pal, etc.
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Many thanks for your answers - but is it likely to be true that my computer had become infected with a Trojan virus? The onscreen message said not to close the computer down as this would allow the virus to begin work. Should I ask someone to look at the computer? I am such a green horn about computers.
I had the same message from a FB link yesterday - proof of a ghost. I just closed the browser and ran Malwarebytes - which found nothing.

All is well with my pc and I assume yours is fine, too.
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Many thanks for the reassurance - I was fairly sure it was a scam, but there is always that wee doubt when you don't know what you are doing - and I definitely don't!
You actually called the number ?!?
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I'm afraid I have to admit I did call the number, Old-Geezer. The message said it was a number for Microsoft Windows, and because I was panicking about the Trojan virus, I called the number, thinking I was talking to Microsoft. But the responses I got made me very suspicious, thankfully. They are so plausible and they play on the fears of people like me, who know little about computers, and worry when something seems to be going wrong. The scammers know the world is full of people like me, that is what motivates them. Never again. I had a lucky escape.
I have had this message a couple of times over the last week, both times after clicking something in Facebook.

I ran a scan and there is nothing bad on my computer - apart from my collection of 200+ funny cat pictures.

This article mentioned 3 most common fake alert types:Website Advertisements, Browser Popups and System Tray Notifications. The alert you got seems to belong to the System Tray Notifications. Anyway, just ignore them and scan your system with anti-malware software to make sure your PC is safe.
If you don't have any security tools installed yet, the following free anti-malware programs are recommended:

Download and scan with AdwCleaner. Have it found something and deleted, then reboot =>

Download & Scan with Junkware Removal Tool. Have it found something and
deleted, then restart =>

Download & Scan with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Premium 14-Day Free Trial. Property MBAM quarantine found everything, then restart =>

Follow-up by doing a scan with malware removal tool (free virus scanner). Remove / delete everything that found itself, then reboot =>

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Message Onscreen About Virus In Computer

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