Pay For Free Apps On Samsung J5?

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smurfchops | 09:47 Thu 16th Mar 2017 | Technology
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Further to my previous post, I am trying to download free apps on my new phone and instead of installing, it is asking for my credit card., will Samsung use this and why do I have to give my card details for a free app? Is there a way around it? I have just created a google account and now more problems!! Thanks all


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Samsung doesn't know what data your phone sends any more than (for example) Dell does when you send data via one of their computers.

Your phone service provider (Vodafone, EE or whoever) can't see the data either, because it's encrypted.

Only Google Play gets the information, which is securely held in an encrypted form. Some free apps (indeed, many of them) offer 'in-app purchases', which are entirely optional. However Google Play needs to have your card details available in case you choose to use such facilities.
You can just press "skip" for that bit- you don't have to enter them.
My whole family have Android phones and we have never had to enter our CC details.

As has been said, there is probably an option to "skip" this so use that option.
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Thanks, I pressed Skip, and created a Google account, all is fine now.

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Pay For Free Apps On Samsung J5?

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