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rockyracoon | 16:00 Sun 26th Feb 2017 | Technology
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Afternoon all. My iPad is playing up a bit. The internet is working OK as I can use the Facebook and Mail apps, but, everytime I go on Safari or Chrome I have problems loading websites. I can google 'theanswerbank' and it'll show up, I click on it to load the website and it'll give me half a page and then freeze. It's the same on Chrome. I've rebooted and tried switching it on and off, but nothing helps. Anyone got any ideas how to overcome this flippin inconvenience.



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Smowball is having the same problem. Seems it's something to do with ipad as it's fine on my Kindle.
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Actually, it's not loading anything now. That whirly things just keeps spinning round. Is she? Caran was complaining yesterday as well (but she always has a moan about her iPad). I wonder what's going on.
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iPhone is OK
AB is experiencing problems with adverts interfering with iPads. The ed and his team were working on this Thursday and Friday. Some of us have found that getting the AdBlock or AdBlock Plus app has solved it.
Ipad and Answerbank are not agreeing at the moment - Ab Editor is aware and they'll be working on it from Monday.

There is a post about the problem.
there's a hugh thread on this in editors blog. It's been going on since last Tuesday and nothing I've tried will fix it. It's a site problem which they seems unable to fix affecting iPads
Answerbank are experiencing problems with iPad users
There are a lot of threads on this. It is a problem with this site. If you try and go to another site after coming here, you will have problems getting on those too.

The publishers of this site are well aware of the problem, but have been unable to fix it since last Monday.

Until they repair it, you should download an ad-blocker from the app store. This will solve the problem. Be sure to turn it off once this site is repaired because this site relies on the advertising money to exist.

That's not worked for me Zacs we've tried everythinh I'm sick and tired of it
Margo, did you go into settings and actually activate the app, as it tells you to do?
Best,to clear all your browsing data before doing this as well.

As well as downloading ABP, have you toggled it on in the Safari settings?
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AB has been wobbly on the iPad since the new launch, but, it's happening with other websites as well. I just tried loading Geektown (Safari) and it's just not having any of it, though, Chrome has let me on.
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Seems it is an AB problem. It seems that if I try to at another website after AB has failed to load, it just won't let it. At least I know it's not the iPad.
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The adblocker doesn't seem to work for me. I've had it for a while, uninstalled and reinstalled but it makes no difference.
Make sure the applications on your iPad are updated. App updates with support for iOS 10 have been trickling out since launch in September and you’ll want those on board if you’re running the latest software.

You will want to turn on automatic App Store updates. This will keep apps automatically updated and ensure that they are always on the latest version with the latest bug fixes. To do that, head into Settings > iTunes & App Store > and Toggle on Automatic Downloads.

The latest latest version is iOS 10.2.1.
I'll ask my son to have a look at it - beyond me I'm afraid. I know I have 10.2.1
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Everything is up to date. All cookies and history cleared.
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I wouldn't have posted this question if I had realised that AB was knocking Safari and Chrome out. Hopefully, it'll be sorted soon as it's a bit of a chore coming on here at the moment.
Have you checked your broadband speed, rocky?

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