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BLHC | 14:18 Tue 17th Jan 2017 | Technology
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I have just reloaded Microsoft office to my PC from the disc but now I cannot find it to put a shortcut on the desktop, any ideas?


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You don't put a shortcut to Office itself on your desktop. You need to put a shortcut for each of the component programs on the desktop one by one.

You'll find the icons for Word, Publisher, Excel, OneNote on your hard drive under "Program Files" on the C drive (if that's the drive your operating system is installed on). Be aware that there might be "Program Files X64" there as well in which case you need to look in both file folders.

When you find the icons, right click on them one by one and select "create shortcut" and take the option to send to the desktop.

I should have said that the individual programs are dependant on the verion of Office you've installed. You may not have all of them - Publisher isn't in every version for example.
Seems the folders are called "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86). Just checked it on my lappy.
Just to clarify, on my PC, the path is "Acer C", "Program Files (x86)", "Microsoft Office", "Office 14".

All the individual programs are capitalised in the list and have a colourful icon. Note that Word is called "WINWORD".

Apologies for the confusion and my needless advice on creating shortcuts. I'm sure you know how to do it!
Are you sure that the components of Microsoft Office aren't available via your Start menu? If it's installed itself properly they should appear there. (Go to 'All Programs' or 'All Apps')

If you can find Word, Excel, etc from your start menu, simply right-click and select Send To > Desktop (Shortcut)

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