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Dodger666 | 12:55 Sat 12th Nov 2016 | Technology
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I, and many others according to various forums, have a problem with the playing back of recorded Freeview channel programmes when using subtitles. The main Freeview channels I record are 5USA, ITV3 and Drama. The subtitles are perfect if watching live.

The problem is that the subtitles initially start OK but soon start to appear much to early. You can get them back in sync by rewinding for a couple of seconds. That may last for a short while but not always.

I have taken this up with Humax many times but they claim it's nothing to do with the recorder. My daughter has the same Humax model and her's does exactly same but luckily she doesn't need to use the subtitles, only her deaf old man.

There is no problem with recorded subtitles on Channels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, HD or SD.

Has anyone had this problem and managed to find what's causing it? Failing that does anyone know of a HD digital recorder that doesn't have this problem?


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Sky HD or Q box.
Question Author
Thanks for that. The wife has a Sky HD box in another room but she detests the subtitles being on, so I'm resigned to going into another room.
Why don't you get multi-room?
Question Author
That could be a possibility.
Question Author
On second thoughts I don't want yet another cable running through the house or pay £12 a month just for subtitles on a few channels.
But your prepared to pay for a separate box which doesn't work? Strange logic.
Question Author
I didn't know that when I bought it!

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Humax Hdr-Fox T2 Digital Recorder

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