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Tarser | 16:46 Tue 27th Sep 2016 | Technology
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I have bought a kindle fire tablet. I have been on guest wi-fi when in various places of work. The Fire receives emails when I'm on a guest wi-fi but I cannot reply to them. They go straight into the outbox. At home, on my own wi-fi, there's no problem with receiving or sending emails.

I went on 'live chat' with my internet provider and I was taken through a very clear set of instructions, except that my kindle simply did not match these steps. There was no 'other provider' option and that's when the live chat person gave up. If anyone knows how the heck to do this with a kindle fire and it works for me, I'll donate £20 to his /her favourite charity.


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do you have a mayday button on your kindle ?
Who is your provider, some will not allow access to their SMTP server (the thing that sends the mail) from any but their own network i.e when you're at home, support were possibly trying to tell you how to either create a secure connection to their server or suggesting that you use a free sending supplier such as Gmail or some such.
The 'authentication' setting for your email provider's SMTP server is incorrectly set. To tell you what it should be (and how to change it), we'll need to know which provider you're using. (i.e. what comes after the @ symbol in your email address).
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Hello Buenchico, after the @ sign on my email comes

I had a live chat with an amazon adviser yesterday. He took me through various procedures and assured me that it would now work. Tested today on a guest wi-fi....It didn't work.
Delete your Tiscali account from your Kindle Fire. The instructions are at the foot of this page:
Then create the account again by following the main part of the text.

Give it a try.

If it's still not working, delete the account again and follow these instructions to create the account yet again:

In order to do so, you'll need to select 'IMAP' as the type of email service you require and then incorporate this information into your settings:
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1st link followed and got nowhere. I tap on 'settings' ( I have no 'quick settings or 'more') and I then get no reference to 'applications'. All I get is Device, personal and system with various sub menus.

2nd link: Asked to go to apps library and to click on email icon. I went to apps library and no email icon to click I can't even get to the very first step to solve this problem.
>>> no email icon to click on

You might need to scroll the page to see it.
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I scrolled own and there's definitely no email icon...

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