Poorly Laptop

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hammerman | 08:03 Fri 16th Sep 2016 | Technology
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Woke up this morning to the Lappy not happy.

The screen was blank and the fan was going like the clappers and the DVD player was clicking and couldn't be opened.

Don't know how long it had been like this but it was certainly over an hour.

I tried turning the unit off but the only way I could was by removing the battery. When I rebooted, it just continued from where it left off.

Any ideas? Could it be going through a big upgrade, I'm already using windows 10.

Thanks in advance


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not a back up...let it cool down then try another reboot..Chris will be along later with more helpful suggestions
The lappys not happy so we need an answer snappy . Go and have a nappy before you get into a flappy as the situation sounds pretty cr*ppy : )
lol smow
There has been a massive upgrade for w10 running for a few weeks now hammerman. Your turn may have come around. It took my lappie 2 hours and my desktop about an hour (2tb hard drive) I also get very fast upload and download speeds with BT. It sounds to me like it was doing the restart routine. I hope you turning it off and removing the battery does not give you problems. If you leave a laptop plugged in it will do upgrades although it is switched off unless you set it not to.
One might hope that an upgrade would have something sensible on the screen to indicate it, especially over a number of hours.

And I'm unsure one can pin clicking DVD players to it, at least not more than the occasional check.

And how big a patch is there going to be if Win 10 is already installed ?

Maybe let it go for a hour and if still no joy take it to the repair shoppe.
agree there would be a notification on screen...
going off the subject,just looking at togos answer,why would any laptop or pc need a 2tb hard drive? 500gb has always done for me starting off years ago with 40gb i prefer no more than 500gb as of course any hard drive can fail so back up up on portable , but 2tb? jeeez
I needed to change the hard drive on the desktop after my son had run it into the ground gaming. He had clocked the graphics card and had all sorts of carp loaded on it. I did a complete rebuild which included stripping everything , including the loom, washed and cleaned the cards. Dismantled the fans and washed the blades, changed a couple of resistors in the power supply, repasted and seated the heat sinks and did a clean w7 install from the original disc. When I was looking at buying a hard drive I fancied a solid state hybrid, and lo and behold I went into my local Maplins who had a 2tb Seagate on offer that was cheaper than a 500gb standard one. So I bought it, no partition set up required and it runs quiet, cool, and as fast as lightning. After getting it up and running on w7 I forced through the w10 upgrade with 2 days to spare. Mean Machine now with a good Asis motherboard and top end Radeon graphics card and sound cards, which were the best we could get 5 years ago when we built it.
You didn't turn-off the machine with a disc in the DVD drive did you? If you did it may be trying to boot from it and won't be able to.
If you think you did, just get the disc out and reboot.

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Poorly Laptop

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