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woofas | 12:21 Tue 13th Sep 2016 | Technology
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Can someone explain how I can print non-adjacent sheets of a workbook please? On previous releases you simply entered 1,3,7 etc. but now it seems you can only enter first & last and so everything in between prints.
The old system is still possible in Word 2016.


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Select the sheets that you want to print by navigating to one of them, then keeping the CTRL key pressed and select (click on the "Sheet Tab") of the other sheets you want to print. This effectively makes multiple sheets "Active" rather than just one sheet that is usually active.

You can see the ones selected you have as they will be highlighted. You can deselect sheets if required by on them clicking again.

Then print "Active Sheets" - this is actually the default print setting.

This will print only the sheets you selected.
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Sorry, I have used the wrong terms!

What I am looking to do is print non adjacent PAGES of a particular SHEET within a Workbook.
It would appear that this is not possible as the controls that Word has for doing this are not available in Excel.

This has a couple of solutions, neither of which is particularly straightforward but will do what you need:

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Excel 2016 Printing

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