Can Anyone Help Please? :o/

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looobylooo | 16:04 Thu 08th Sep 2016 | Technology
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My laptop has just finished 3.5 hours of updates.

(Windows 10. Lenovo Z50. Aol browser)

And since these updates, I no longer seem to have a 'scroll bar' on the right hand side of any pages I'm on.

Everything on the page seems too far over to the right, so therefore some of the page cannot be seen.

I've tried to shift it back over to the left with the 'left/right' arrows at the bottom of the screen, but it doesn't really help.

I've been into 'settings' and 'display' to see if I can fix things in there, but have had no joy.

Any suggestions please would be most appreciated!

Thank you :o)


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Control and plus or minus - to get the size - will that help
Click-&-drag on the top of the window to pull everything to the left (and, if needed, down a bit as well), so that you can see the top right corner of the window. Then click the 'full size' button (overlapping squares, in the top right corner).
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I've tried that Jennyjoan, but it doesn't help :(

I've tried dragging the edges of the page up and out, but still no good Buenchico :(
Have you tried the 'full size' button though?
Have you tried a different browser, just to see if it affects that as well?
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Try pressing Alt together with the Space bar. That should bring up a menu at the top left of your screen, allowing you to select 'Maximise' from it.
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Hello again

Sorry it's taken so long to send my thanks to those who posted up replies yesterday, but my laptop has been playing up Big time since those updates were done, I've been pulling my hair out! lol.

I tried for 40 mins last night to post a reply on here but in the end I had to give up and leave it.

So, the scroll bar, well it did return earlier today, but now it's gone awol again. Just soo annoying and frustrating as it's only started to happen since the blummin updates were done yesterday.

As far as I can tell, it does seem to only play up when using this browser for some unknown reason - seems to be ok on Firefox.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for trying to help, I'm most grateful, thank you x
It's so nice to know there's always some kind soul, willing to offer their help at a time of need :o) xx

Have a lovely evening all.

Update - Grrrrr ... I can't post this! .. lol ... without the scroll bar I can't get to the 'send' button below!! ...... strewth!
Ok, just had to do 'ctrl and -' to reduce the page size, and now I can see the 'submit' button ...
..... aaaaaand breath ..... lol .......

Er, do you realise that you don't actually need the scroll bars?

All of the following assume that the window is 'active'. (If not, simply click on a blank space inside it to make it so):

1. If you've got a mouse plugged into a laptop you can, of course, simply use its scroll wheel.

2. The Up and Down arrow keys can be used to scroll smoothly.

3. The 'Pg Up' and 'Pg Down' keys can be used to jump up or down to the next bit of the window (above or below what's currently visible).

4. 'Home' takes you to the top of a page, while 'End' takes you to the bottom. (With a laptop you might need to press the 'Fn' key at the same time as ''Home' or 'End' if they're shown in the same colour as 'Fn' is).

5. Many (most?) laptop touchpads support two-fingered scrolling, where simply moving your index and middle fingers together up or down the touchpad achieves your aim.

6. Many touchpads have a vertical bar to their right, where running a single finger up or down the bar scrolls the page.
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Hi Buenchico, thank you.

Yeah I'm using the up and down arrows as we speak, but they didn't help earlier when I couldn't get to the 'submit' button.
It's just I've got used to using the scroll bar now because the two fingered scrolling on this touchpad doesn't always work, and when it does it's not smooth (I think I've posted up before about that a while ago) and it helps me to quickly get to where I want on a page, without jumping straight to the top or the bottom of the page, if you get what I mean.
The touchpad on here doesn't seem to have the vertical bar to the right you mentioned.

It might all sort itself out in time, I hope so :)

Thanks again for your help Chris

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