Motorola Moto G2 - Sd Card Problem And More

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countrykid | 22:11 Mon 15th Aug 2016 | Technology
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In recent weeks my MotoG2 phone has by itself deleted some apps. No idea why. I went back on Play Store to re-install and all was ok. Today I found that a ten minute audio file stored in "Downloads" had also deleted. Now I have found that all photos from my SD card have been deleted. The phone does not recognise that the card is even installed. I've switched the phone off, reinserted the SD Card, but no luck. If I try to take a photo it says it says my internal memory is almost full and asks me to delete something. I presume this refers to the phones own memory.

I took the SD card out of the phone and checked it on my laptop and it said that the card needed to be formatted before it could be used, it was as if it had never been formatted/used before. As things stand it looks like I have lost all the content on the card.
The phone is only a few months old. Sometimes it will not switch on using the usual side button and I have to press the button for ages, or try pressing the volume button to try and bring it to life. Whilst it is in this state there is a tiny bright white small led light flashing along the top edge of the screen. Eventually, the phone comes to life when it feels like it. Should I simply try formatting the SD card again as it seems like the data is simply no longer on the card? How can a phone delete apps by itself? Based on all of this, do I have grounds under the warranty to get the phone looked at/fixed? I bought it online via Amazon
I'll check for any responses during tomorrow. Thanks


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mine takes about 5 sec to initiate the start up, you should be on android 6.0 now check in phone settings at the bottom "about phone" check for updates. maybe google who are andriod can delete apps that are not from google play as they could contain damaging data,i don't know .hope it gets sorted. btw its the best mobile i've ever had and will be using motorola for my next mobe too
from motorola ...Battery charge is too low to power the display. Plug in the charger. The white notification LED will turn on as soon as the charger is plugged in. This LED will turn off, when the battery is charged to a sufficient level to power the display (could take up to 10 minutes before the display turns on). Phone should remained plugged in (at idle) for up to 5 hours for a full charge. It will take longer, if phone is in use.
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Thanks Ivor4781 for suggestions etc. The apps it deleted were from Google Play Store, things like BBC Weather, Facebooks etc. It always seems to delete the same apps. Regarding your second post, the battery level has been good or even full as I always keep it topped up. I checked and it is running latest version 6.0. I am going to try and find a way to contact Motorola and see if can get some help.
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forgot to say it has also gone into the powered down mode when the phone has had charge in it and been put on to top it up. I go back to the phone to take it off charge and it wont switch on, same white light flashing away
you could try a full restore,are you backed up on a goole account if so it will reinstall everything photos and apps when restarted insert your card and format it set it as sd card or internal
read this.....,9582
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Thanks again. The info looks very useful. I have now had an online chat with Motorola who have suggested I "check the device in safe mode for at least 12 hours". To be honest I am not very techie and don't really understand how this might help, but I'll try all suggestions. Many thanks again
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forgot to answer your question re am I backed up to a Google Account. Not that I am aware of!!!! But will try and find out if I did set something up when I got the phone. I am still very new to smart phone and tbh might go back to the old fashioned type!!
Try using Recuva to get your images back:

(If you initially give up, and decide to reformat the SD card, give it another go after formatting. It's amazing what Recuva can restore!)
PS: I had an SD card which my laptop insisted needed formatting. However when I put it into my desktop PC (using a USB card reader, rather than a dedicated drive) it could be read normally and thereafter my laptop happily recognised it again. So simply trying a different computer might help.
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Thanks Buenchico. I installed Recuva and tried this but it would not recognise the SD Card. I then decided to bit the bullet and let the PC format the card. It quickly said Windows cannot complete this task, the card is not being recognised. It seems as though something has totally corrupted the card and it is no longer usable. Looks like I'll just have to buy a new SD Card. This one was a San Disk Ultra 32GB. I know there are various types/grades/classes but means nothing to me. Any recommendations?
try to format in your mobile,insert the card it will say do you want to format this card this sometimes works when pc wont do it
SanDisk's own formatting utility stands a much better chance of working than Windows does:
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Thanks Buenchico. I installed the SanDisk formatting utility, which looked very promising. However, when I clicked to format the SD Card, it said that the write protect tab needed switching off, but it wasn't actually switched on. It is a micro SD card which came with a SanDisk adapter. The write protected message appears whether the car/adapter is in the slot on the laptop or a USB reader. Any thoughts why it says it is write protected. I am presuming there is not a hidden switch on the actual micro SD card - can't see one plus two tiny I'd have thought. Thanks again
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Still stuck with my micro sd card/adapter saying the card is write protected. Have googled but but no luck. Any help appreciated

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Motorola Moto G2 - Sd Card Problem And More

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