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hairygrape | 12:15 Thu 23rd Jun 2016 | Technology
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One of the children borrowed my laptop last night and managed to stain the touchpad and left side pad with tippex. I'm not cross about it as clearly, she didn't realise she had a patch of dried tippex on her index fingertip.

What would be the best thing to try to remove the stain? The laptop manufacturer warns against using "thinners or benzine" on the machine and advises only using a damp cloth to remove marks. The trouble is that I don't think a damp cloth is going to work. Could I try some isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) on it?

Thanks for any advice.


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why don’t you try a damp cloth first? Then if that doesn’t work, a damp microfibre cloth used gently. Tippex usually isn’t that hard to remove from non porous surfaces.
Found this on another site. No idea how good/bad it is, but it certainly seems safe:
Removing Tippex From Hard Surfaces
Harder surfaces such as woods or laminates may be tackled by first allowing the Tippex to harden making it easier to scrape the substance away.When the majority has been scraped, use vinegar to blot the residue away.
In my experience such stains normally sit slightly proud of the base it is stuck to.
A rounded dining kniife does the trick for me. Push the knife with both hands against the join between the surface of the key pad and the dry tippex.

If that fails you can always get a new keyboard on the net for about £10.Its easy to fit.

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Cleaning Laptop Touchpad

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