Copying Photos For Back Up

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Jaimsieboy | 19:17 Wed 22nd Jun 2016 | Technology
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I have 36gb worth of photos on my pc and I wanted to copy them onto a Class 10 Toshiba 64 SD Card (30mb/s).

After copying and pasting the photos on the Toshiba 64gb SD Card, all went well
for a mind numbing 7 hours and then a message popped on my monitor about a corrupt photo file and the transfer stopped.
I reckon I only managed to copy about 75% of the photographs onto the SD Card.

Is there an easier and faster way to copy all these photos from PC to a SD Card ?

Finally don't laugh but I am still using Windows XP and I don't want to upgrade
to Windows 7/10 etc.

Any tips and advice would be great.




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Have a web search. It's been a while now since I needed a copying programme but you can get them that ignores errors and lists failed file copies at the end; and ones that only copy newer updated or missing files into the destination.
Before commencing the copying process, you should run Scan disk to check for corruption.
Then you might like to install TeraCopy which not only copies much faster than the built-in Windows copy function, but can also continue to run if it hits a problem file (i.e it can skip the problem file).
Teracopy is free for noncommercial use.
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Thanks Folks...J/Boy
Firstly i`d do the job in segments as its likely that an XP machine will have relatively little RAM and will struggle to manage that much data. I`d also spread it across 3 or 4 sticks rather than cards just in case one gets corrupted. i wont laught about XP but I will express concern for your security as its unsupported and therefore insecure and will not run some modern programs or updates.
To save time and easily to transfer the photos from a PC to a SD card, I think you can get the help of the following guide:
It is related.

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Copying Photos For Back Up

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