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Grandpappy | 10:20 Fri 03rd Jun 2016 | Technology
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I bought Windows Seven Ultimate Edition 32bit about 5yrs. ago and it ran perfectly. Then about a year ago I bought a new system,a whole new computer with more ram & a built in 1TB of hard drive,it's windows seven 64bit Home Edition. Now it looks as if windows ten is going to be the way to go! My question is this:- Can I use my discs of Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and install it over my current system thereby making my computer a windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and then upgrade to windows ten and get the windows Pro version and then somehow upgrade the 32bit to the 64bit Pro? or will they simply upgrade me to a 32bit Pro version?
Any help to clarify this problem will be of great assistance.


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The disks should be fine for a brand new installation, it's the registration in order to legally use it that is the issue. It'd difficult to fand and go througth the MS hoops to allow the system to be moved to a different computer legally.

I'm unsure how it'd go if you reinstall over the top. But 'Ultimate' sounds like an upgrade so I'd guess it'd be ok for practical purposes.

I'm not even going to try tackling the Pro upgrade. It seems you plan a lot of changes. find and go through the MS hoops to allow...
Like I typed >:-(
dont think a 64bit system with take anything thats 32bit,just go for win10 its better than 7
its possible but incredibly fussy to get there - may I suggest you go to Ebay and for about £20 you can buy a Win 10 pro license and a download link - you download to a stick then change the startup in the BIOs to the USB and choose a fresh start up. Much easier than removing home then loading ultimate then upgrading to 10
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Thanks for the advice everyone! Think I'll just move to Windows Ten Home Edition and forget the old 32bit discs.
Thanks particularly to OG-his advice is always sound!
Why do you think you need Windows 10 Pro?
Which of the following Pro features do you need?
Assigned Acces
Business Store
Join a domain and use Group Policies
Azure Active Directory
Private Catalog
Update for Business
Remote Desktop Hosting
I second this ^
I am still Not susceptible to Windows 10 and ask the question..."Does anybody really need W.10"?.

At the moment I am posting via my Desktop Comp which is loaded with Vista Home Basics. Support for which was withdrawn in April 2012. Furthermore, my laptop is loaded with Windows 7 home Premium for which support is deemed to have ended in January 2015. However,I still keep getting up-dates for both machines.

My attitude is, 'if it aint broke, don't fix it'. Also, from what I have read, on various Internet sites, Microsoft could, and may, extend the free 'take-up' period, which is due to end at the end of July this year.

I guess it may be just a desire to get the best regardless, 'just in case'. That's why I went for Ultimate, even though I probably didn't need to.
I think the main reason would be to keep it supported for longer. If the free period is extended then ok, but there's no guarantee. Ultimately you will have to move on since there is no real alternative for most users who want the familiar and compatibility with friends; so why not get the first step for nothing ?
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To reply to The Chair:
Probably like OG I just wanted the best,at the time. I was doing a course at college and as a registered student I was entiltled to massive discounts,so a Full Windows Seven Ultimate edition and then Full Ofice Enterprise for the price of a good meal-I couldn't refuse,could I? On reflection, the ability to install updates etc. as & when I wanted and the encrytion tool was handy even if not used!
Simply a matter of choice,that's all.

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