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sddsddean | 19:09 Tue 03rd May 2016 | Technology
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I've been having problems over the past few weeks saving useful pdf's (timetables, HOHO bus routes etc). I used to have no problem...just click on the save icon and pdf is saved to 'My Documents', but the last few weeks I apparently save the pdf, but it doesn't appear in My Documents or anywhere else. Have I switched off a save option or something somewhere by accident? Seems most odd!


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Are they in 'Downloads'
In the downloads window of your browser you should be able to see where it has downloaded to.

If you tell us what browser we can tell you how to find the location.
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Aha!! By using Firefox, I've found that they are being saved to
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp, so is there a way to tell the PC to save them in My Documents? On the menu I ask it to save to My Documents, but the PC is obviously ignoring that!
when you're downloading something, make a note of its name, then if it vanishes you can do a search for it.

Maybe you once saved something to the Temp folder and it thinks you want everything to go there? It really should ask you first.
PS Firefox is nothing to do with it, that's just a browser that you use to search the internet. It'll probably be Windows or something that conducts searches of your own computer.
Some of mine went into documents in One Drive. It took me a while to find them so do you have a One Drive that things have disappeared into.
Firefox has a setting to save downloads to any folder of your choice. Select Options and on the General tab you will see where Downloads can be re-directed to.
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Thanks for the ideas...I'll have a play tomorrow!
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as TTG you can also tell it to ask for a save location each time you download something rather than auto if you want

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Downloading Pdf's

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