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MTbowels | 13:30 Wed 30th Mar 2016 | Technology
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A friend of mine was with me earlier this week on a canal boat. My contract phone, on the 3 network, picked up a wi-fi signal from a nearby boatyard. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the "connect" option in settings and was immediately connected to their router without having to enter a password. When my friend tried to do the same, he was asked for a password in order to connect. We both had android phones (mines a HTC One and his was a Sony Xperia). I just don't understand why my phone could connect to the router without a password whilst his needed the password. Any ideas?

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Interesting. Sure you were both trying to get on the same router ? That you hadn't been given the password in the past and simply forgotten that the phone has stored it ? Or maybe his phone requires a null password to be entered for some reason. Did he try beyond the point of being asked for a password ?
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Thanks OG. Yes, most definitely the same router. Router name began "ABC" with a simple suffix word. Neither of us had been to the place before and had no connections with the company. In fact, I only learnt later that the boatyard name was a trading name with the real company behind it called "ABC xxxxxxx". I'm not familiar with null passwords so I don't know. He did try to connect but failed - his phone continued to ask for the password.

It's very odd and I've not heard of anything like this before.
Shooting in the dark here but could it be possible that your friend's security settings are tighter than yours and won't allow the phone to connect to an unsecured wifi?

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Connecting To Wi-Fi

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