Hacked Bank Account

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chas2008 | 12:27 Tue 15th Mar 2016 | Technology
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my daughter has had her bank account compromised according to Nat west from her lap top via a virus or whatever.
It has virus protection and I also ran Malwarebytes nothing has shown up yet the bank still insist its the laptop,is this possible ??


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What AV and Firewall is running
Are you sure its genuinely Nat West saying that- a lot of those types of scam around.

To check if you do have a virus google Norton Power Tools and run the first - if it detects nothing run the second.
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100% NatWest, my daughter rang them and spoke to them a few times, they gave her the time date and ip, address, I need to check this when I get home.

How was she notified of this and where did she get the 'phone number she used, if it was from a email it could be part of the scam.
Does any one else have access to your daughter's laptop? Could someone be using her wifi router, or keylogging her etc remotely through it?
Baldric is right. I would go into the branch and check.
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100% bank, my daughter is very security conscious she always googles nat west telephone numbers for the correct one, she NEVER returns calls.she was alerted by text, which was the bank, but she never replied as she thought that was a scam.
My good lady Carakeel had her account hacked twice in a month, fortunately Halifax refunded her money the same day in both instances. Now all her bank account details are changed she should be ok.
My bank fraud office rang me to say my account had been compromised they recovered money. Only thing I can think of is online shopping that I have done

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Hacked Bank Account

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