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FoxLee2 | 16:19 Tue 01st Mar 2016 | Technology
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My cousin and I do the Rainbow Quiz together. There's a new one out and we were on the phone comparing our answers so far. On his downloaded copy, questions 42 and 43 were the same. I said there must be something wrong with his printer, perhaps it got stuck momentarily. So we both got the quiz up online and when he looked at the site both questions were the same but on my screen they were different. How can we see different things when we're both looking at the same site at the same time? Weird!


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It happens quite often with online puzzles - either a typesetting or just a straightforward packet download issue. Most of the time someone sorts out a work around.
Tell your friend to clear the cache
Have you both been at the Glenfiddich again ?
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What at 3 in the afternoon?!!!

Neither of us is technically minded. I can tell my cousin to clear the cache but he won't have a clue what I'm talking about. Glad to know it's not such an unusual occurrence.

Thanks for all your replies.
The questions should be:
42. Travelling fellows, troubled, mean to breathe in. (5, 3, 2, 1, 4)
43. German publican has small party - but it's not for the squeamish!
(5, 5)
Good luck. Taken from the printed copy Neville Mizen sent us.
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Thanks rccatnap but as I said, I could see the correct version on my laptop whereas my cousin saw q42 repeated whilst we were looking at screens at the same time. My son has explained to me in simple terms how this can happen.
There was an error when the site went online and two questions had been repeated.

This error was spotted and amended.

When you went online you saw the amended version.

Your friend is seeing the error version because his computer is serving cached files that are stored on his computer and not being downloaded. If he empties his cache and history, his computer will have to download from the internet and you will both see the same questions.

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