Is A Dgm Ltv-3289W Television An Hd Tv?

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Galaxy1965 | 13:19 Thu 18th Feb 2016 | Technology
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I am thinking of getting Sky Q and I have been told I need an HD tv, so is the DGM LTV- 3289W tv a High Definition television?
Thanks in advance.


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I don't think it is FULL HD though.

The resolution of that TV 1366 X 768 (so the link above says).

The 768 is the number of lines on the screen (we don't see them of course but they are there).

Proper HD is 1080 lines, and you will of course get a much better picture with a TV that has 1080 lines than one that only has 768 lines.

So while Sky will be pushing out a signal of 1080 lines your TV will downscale it to 768 lines.

If you are going to pay out for Sky Q then I would seriously think of getting a TV that can handle 1080 lines (full HD). If you don't you are missing out on a lot of the quality.

I see the review for this TV was from 2011 so that is quite old in TV terms (and it was an inexpensive TV then) so I would go for a brand of TV that gets good reviews (Samsung, Panasonic etc) and supports 1080 lines.

Richer sounds are a good place to get quality TVs at a bargain price (they often pick up TVs that are at end of life, so the companies are trying to sell them off). But they are often less than a year old so they are very new TVs, just not the latest model.
Galaxy I don't know if you have sky tv currently or whether you are to be a new subscriber. VHG is correct in that your tv was a relatively cost effective entry level tv. and if you currently have sky hd channels you will get the same quality from sky Q as you do now. For 1 yrs Sky Q subscription you could have a pretty impressive full on all singing and dancing HD set.

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Is A Dgm Ltv-3289W Television An Hd Tv?

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