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malana3 | 15:47 Mon 08th Feb 2016 | Technology
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My current mobile phone ( Nokia C3-01) seems to have died. Can any ABer recommend a similar model as a replacement. All I want to do is send and receive voice calls and texts on a Pay-as-you-go basis. I do not require internet connection, apps or any of the gizmos available on a smart phone. Even a camera is not required.I am currently on the Vodaphone network but their webpage only wants to sell me an upgrade which is not what I want. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


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This one is unlocked
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f.a.o. hc4361 and whiskeryron. Thank you both for your responses, that phone would seem to be exactly what I want. Do you mind sharing the accolade of
"Best Answer" between you? Incidentally, what is the meaning or significance of the term "unlocked", it's not something I've heard before?
Unlocked means you can use it on any network as opposed to be tied to one network only.
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thank you

Thank you Ratter15

Hey manala, just come across this question by accident...what phone did you choose? Here's my story,...happy ending due to excellent research from hc!

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