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darkstar | 10:14 Wed 28th Sep 2005 | Technology
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My  PC has 2 user's, my use keeps going to a porn site everytime I try to log on AB. The other user OK. Deleted ABfrom fav but when I retype AB it comes up with related sites I click on anyone and get a porn site  (not to good with the tech side so keep it simple)  thanks   


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It sounds like you have spyware and/or a virus.
try the following
1) virus checker- AVG from
2) spyware - spybot, adaware and m$ anti-spyware(XP only on the last one)
if these do not solve the problem post back with more details.

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Think I've cured it,  found how to restore  to previous point. Lets hope that does it
Why not put a icon on your desktop for AB? Right click anywhere on AB select create a shortcut and click OK and you will have a icon on your desktop no more typing
The cause probably was spyware/virus contamination.  Ok, your restore has worked but you will be infected again.  Best do as advised above and install the 'anti' software.

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