My Paypal Account Was Hacked

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lindapalmara | 19:46 Wed 30th Dec 2015 | Technology
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On 23rd Dec I received an email from PayPal informing me of a transacti N for £535 which I hadn't made. It was from an American firm for an expensive Jacket to be delivered to a Coventry address. The Address existed (I looked at it on Google earth. Because I heard the email arrive on my iPad I saw that they had taken about £50 from my account and would try next to take the balance from my bank account so I severed the link straight away and cancelled my back up card. I spent days trying to contact PayPal by phone and email but to no avail. After an hour on hold yesterday I got through to s bolshy Irish man who more or less said it was my fault for not changing my password frequently. However de did refund the £50.



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rubbish paypal that was not ! contact the bank where paypal take your money from,
they would not be as abrupt as you say, and passwords to bank accounts should be changed at least every 6 months or when you feel some things amiss. have had a hard lesson ! While I think that the Irish chap was out of order, what he said made sense.

I now change all my money-related passwords at the start of every month.
Its the only way that you can really take control back from these cheats and thieves.
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Thanks Mikey. Yes I also change my password frequently. I am not out of pocket because of quick action but I posted as a warning. Also I contacted the police in Coventry so hopefully they have felt his collar nod this scumbags before he buys high end goods from other people's accounts.
Linda...I would put too much hope in your last sentence !

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My Paypal Account Was Hacked

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