Durabrand Dvd/vhs Dual Recorder Adb2737Bd

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lescarman | 10:54 Fri 27th Nov 2015 | Technology
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A couple of years ago you helped me to transfer a programme from my V+ box to a dvd.
I've still never managed to get hold of a copy of the instruction manual for this machine (Durabrand ADB2737BD).
I would now like to transfer a VHS tape to a dvd using the same machine.
Guesswork hasn't provided any answers,so I wonder if you guide me through the steps.
Of course,a copy of the full instructions would be ideal ,but anything at all would be very welcome.


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hi Les...I have now replaced that recorder and have got rid of could have had it..from memory ...load vhs and top menu select the same as you did before then the vhs to dvd speed ..button was towards the bottom left I think...then press vhs..then dvd button again towards the bottom..runtape onto start point and press pause on the machine....then press the dub button on the machine....
if that doesn't work press the dvd then vhs buttons ..can't remember the way round..
once you have selected the vhs to disc option press the menu button to close that page before selecting speed etc etc..
if none of that makes sense.mail me on [email protected] I will send phone number and can talk you through it if you read out what you see as we go along...
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Once again you,ve been more than helpful.
Your info looks very promising,especially the manual - I couldn't access it by any of my own attempts.
I'll peruse it properly in the morning - my 75 year old brain wants to take it easy at this time of the day!
I'm really indebted & I'll let you know what happens.
Best regards,

:0) ..remember if you get tied in knots, mail me and I will "talk you down " lol x
les now sorted !!

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Durabrand Dvd/vhs Dual Recorder Adb2737Bd

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