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looobylooo | 06:41 Tue 24th Nov 2015 | Technology
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Hi, I have a question please

At the moment we have a tv with just the freeview channels, and a normal hard drive recorder plugged in to the tv to record programmes.

If we were to buy a double tuner freeview DTR (digital tv recorder which can record 2 programmes at the same time and has pause and rewind live tv) and plug that in to the tv also, will we be able to record tv channels on both machines at the same time please? .. ie - at 8pm tomorrow record a programme on the normal recorder whilst also recording 2 programmes on the DTR, all at the same time at 8pm tomorrow...?

In my head, I don't think it will be possible somehow, but I'm hoping I am wrong, lol.

I hope this all makes sense! lol

Thank you :) x


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Bit of a guess as never plugged hard drives into a tv but: freeview boxes tend to be first in the chain before the signal passes to the tv so the double tuner should allow you to record one channel and pass a second to the tv. I'm unsure how your present system works but if it runs from the analogue aerial input and you swop it to the freeview box digital input I suspect it may no longer be able to record something you are not watching, and so no longer add value. You may be able to sort out two analogue inputs but you'd need to experiment and may be better off adding the freeview to a different tv.
normally a double tuner hard drive recorder means record one and watch another...mine does anyway...however I still have a vhs/cd recorder which I can tune in to a third channel and record on...which means record 2 and watch third...
but if yours says record 2 ..and I know some will...then if the additional box can be tuned independently then it could work....experiment
humax boxes record 2 progs at once and view one live simultaneous my tv also allows you to plug in a standard external hard drive to record a prog if your going out
We have a Humax twin drive recorder which you can record 2 separate programmes and watch a 3rd one all at the same time. We also have a Panasonic recorder which will then record a further programme whilst the humax one is in use.
and yes, you can have two freeview boxes (best humax) so long as your Arieal supplies a good signal they will work independently, of course this depends how many hdmi sockets your tv has
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Thank you very very much for your answers!
Will have to look into it then as it might not be as straight forward as we'd hoped.
Really appreciate you all replying, thanks alot :) x

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Recording Tv Programmes

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