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henbreeder | 19:49 Sat 21st Nov 2015 | Technology
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Having major problems with our TVs when viewing through the aerial. The picture is pixelating badly and the sound is all breaking up.It was bad yesterday but it its completely unwatchable today. I can watch via Sky, but wondered if it's our aerial (which is newish) or the weather conditions. Would appreciate any advice.


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You've described the classic symptoms of poor signal strength, so it's probably either your aerial or the cabling that's causing the problem.

Have you actually taken a look up at your roof, to check that your aerial is still pointing in the right direction? (I once asked an AB member to do exactly that and he discovered that his aerial was lying on his lawn!).

The weather can play a part in the signal strength that you receive (as can the 11-year sunspot cycle, individual solar flares, interference from electrical devices in your house, similar interference emanating from your neighbours' homes and lots of other things) but, in the final analysis, you'll need to sort out your aerial (or possibly try a signal amplifier).

There's a more detailed response in my post here:
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Thank you. Yes, we have checked the aerial, as it was only installed earlier this year, the old one having blown down in the strong winds at the beginning of the year. We havn't checked the cabling, though, so will do. Many thanks
the cabling should be fine if the aerial was installed 1 year ago as installers use new cable when doing this,try a retune of your chanels

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