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alan23 | 21:17 Sun 08th Nov 2015 | Technology
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just paid £30 to a get a virus removed. ive installed avast on a friends recommendation is there anything else i can install to protect my computer,the guy that repaired it said free anti viruses dont always work and that my streaming of football most likely caused the problem.

the guy fixed it put it from to windows 7 from 8(blessing)
what do i need to install to as its an empty computer now just with chrome


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A few random points: 1. Whatever it was that was causing you a problem, we could have probably told you how to fix it (and it wouldn't have cost you a penny) ; 2. It appears that, by 'fixing your problem', the computer technician has simply taken the easy way out and given you a clean installation of Windows (which means he's probably not much of an 'expert'...
22:24 Sun 08th Nov 2015
A few random points:

1. Whatever it was that was causing you a problem, we could have probably told you how to fix it (and it wouldn't have cost you a penny) ;

2. It appears that, by 'fixing your problem', the computer technician has simply taken the easy way out and given you a clean installation of Windows (which means he's probably not much of an 'expert' anyway). ;

3. Free anti-virus programs are actually just part of full commercial security programs, so they're every bit as good as you'd get if you paid for the full product ;

4. What you don't get by going for a 'freebie' is a third-party firewall and anti-malware protection (which is different to anti-virus protection).

5. Most people don't bother with third-party firewalls, as they're happy to trust the one that's built into Windows. (You can include me in that group). However, if you want better '2- way' protection, the free firewall from Comodo is every bit as good as anything that you can pay for:

6. You can get excellent anti-malware protection for free by downloading and installing the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
(NB: When installing it, take care to deselect the pre-ticked option to take a free trial of the Premium version).
However you need to note that the free version is only 'run on demand' (rather than 'run in the background'). You need to remember to run a scan with it every so often; I suggest once per fortnight (or immediately if you suspect that you've got malware on your computer).

7. Any site that offers free streaming of professional football will be operating illegally. (Indeed, you're breaking the law by using such a site). So you shouldn't be too surprised if you get more than you bargained for when you access those sites!

8. If your computer is now, as you say, 'empty', what you'll need to install will depend upon your needs. I'd suggest a decent office suite, such as OpenOffice:
together with a good media player, such as either VLC
or GOM
together with an image viewer/editor, such as Irfanview
You might also like to consider one or more of the excellent freebies that Serif offer
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chris im computer illiterate iv got avast no do i need antimalre as well?
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From Point 4 above:
" . . . and anti-malware protection (which is different to anti-virus protection)".

Yes, you most definitely need anti-malware protection in addition to an anti-virus program!
yes, download Malwarebytes, the free version, from Chris's link and run it once a week or so. (Avast runs all the time, but they do different things.) You should have a Windows firewall included, so that's all you really really need.
You can get a DroidBox for not much more than £30 that connects to your living room TV and gets all the Prem Matches and much more through Kodi. Avoids wrecking your computer.
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thanks oh i know its illegal but can i still watch my football as im paranoid now
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gromit what/ how does droidbox work? never heard of it
Little box that plugs into your TV via an HDMI connection.

It is a mini computer running on the Android Operating System. It conne s to your router by wifi.

You get apps such as Kodi and Showtime that gets you all prem, latest movies, Tv Boxsets.

You can buy via Amazon for between £35 and £90.
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do you have to subscribe pay for it?
1. You got ripped off, free AVs work, streaming Football won't break your computer unless it was a dodgy illegal site and you let it install some malware.

2. If you had Windows 7 or 8 you could upgrade to Windows 10 for free, which is better than both and faster.

3. You would then not need additional AV software, they only each CPU resources and duplicate the job of Windows built-in firewall and AV. Provided you don't go on dodgy sites installing every bit of junk out there without thought, you won't have a problem.

As for the Android stick, it's all well and good but you could go one better and get a PC stick, a full PC running Windows 10 and proper PC software and apps to stream stuff. User Recommendation

We have something similar for entertainment, music and streaming.
Rip-off is a bit strong. The issue has gone: the fellow would want paying for their time/effort. If not knowledgeable or confident enough to have a go yourself then you have the option to pay someone else who has some knowledge: even if it does seem imperfect knowledge.
Most repair shops will just reload windows. As mentioned by Buenchico, best to resolve yourself. The net and answerbank can be used to find out information how to do this. A few other tips. 1) Some malware can be distributed through adverts. Disable flash and only activate if needed. Install Adblock Plus and allow some sites (like answerbank) to display ads. 2) Browse using a Windows standard user account. Have 2 admin accounts. 3) Please be careful what you click inside received emails. Malware can also be distributed in this way. Search on the net if you are unsure how to do these items.
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yeah i agree i got ripped off(4-5 operatives) from sky said it needed doing. ill just convince myself i watched it at the pub and spent £30 on beer, still the result left us a point behind chelsea, which i would of taken in may.

thanks for all your answers

i dont know if im repeating this but now i have anti-virus and anti-malware can i watch porn and stream football safely

Alan....I honestly do Not think that Answerbank is the site which should help you with solving technical problems which involve viruses which are contracted by your illegally Streaming Football from dodgy sites and the fact that you are also into Porn is enough for me to opt out from wishing to give you any further advice. Perhaps other ABers think likewise.

Wouldn't it be simpler to pay to view the football?
Question Author
hansurbancka is it illegal to view porn? i was just being honest, as for the football streaming i got a link when i was under a different username a few years ago from this site its hardly the the brinks mat now is it?
Alan.... You have asked, "hansurbancka is it illegal to view porn?"

My answer......Yes in many instances :-

Question Author
interesting link thanks

however the things listed dont apply to me

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