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alan23 | 21:17 Sun 08th Nov 2015 | Technology
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just paid £30 to a get a virus removed. ive installed avast on a friends recommendation is there anything else i can install to protect my computer,the guy that repaired it said free anti viruses dont always work and that my streaming of football most likely caused the problem.

the guy fixed it put it from to windows 7 from 8(blessing)
what do i need to install to as its an empty computer now just with chrome


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A few random points: 1. Whatever it was that was causing you a problem, we could have probably told you how to fix it (and it wouldn't have cost you a penny) ; 2. It appears that, by 'fixing your problem', the computer technician has simply taken the easy way out and given you a clean installation of Windows (which means he's probably not much of an 'expert'...
22:24 Sun 08th Nov 2015
Alan - the overall thing is:
If you use the internet you have to take some responsibility for your actions

Football streaming sites present you with tons of advertising, and a stray cursor can 'click' on stuff you don't intend

Porn sites are notorious for association with viruses and malwares

So if you're going to view these sites, and if there's any vulnerability at all on your computer, you'll get similar problems again.

You can't be wrapped in cotton wool. Lots of folk on here advised you in your earlier post on how to do a system restore which is kind of what you paid someone £30 to do. So you either choose the paid help, do the DIY or stay safe online.
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mosiac i understand that and appreciate all the kind advice.

.would i get banned from this site if i started a thread asking which asking which adultsites are the safest?
I just use Microsoft Security Essentials and have not had any problems, it's free and prompts me to scan my computer once a week.
What's wrong with that?
No - provided it operated within bounds of decency and avoided advertising. But you might also think about addressing why you need to view these sites. I'm sure many good contacts on AB can talk kindly about support and counselling for compulsive behaviour.
The link seems to be more concerned with British production, rather than access, Hans. But interesting to note how restrictive UK government now feels is ok. This lack of personal freedom being, unfortunately, another sign of the times.
I feel sure Alan is just keeping his hand in. After all, use it or lose it.
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