I'm On The Ipad And Having Trouble Getting A Reply To Answer Bank

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askyourgran | 23:25 Sat 24th Oct 2015 | Technology
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Topics I have been ages trying to ge


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Lots of people having problems, ayg.

Maybe worthwhile trying AB on a different browser.
Question Author
Thank you Tony, I'm pleased you understood my post. Tried for an hour to answer a topic last night on the iPad. Using Mozilla on laptop but tag on to AB via Google for the iPad, not sure whether this is the right thing to do.
I always ask this, but, have you installed the latest iOS update?
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Yes I did Zacs, not sure if I can check where it is. I'm not quite used to the iPad yet but finding my old laptop much more reliable.
Settings / general / software update. There has been a very recent one.

The latest version is iOS9.1

Are you using Safari?
Can you post using
Question Author
I updated the ISprogramme a couple of weeks ago. Will try Safari on it. Thank you.
There has been an update in the last few days, as I said above.
Question Author
Days?? I saw one a couple of weeks ago that I updated, nothing else has come up to say there is another. Be back later must close for now.
Both myself and Gromit have given advice as to how to check if you have the latest iOS.
Just tell us what version of iOS you are using and then we will know if it is up to date or not.

What happens on mobile AB (see link at 07:51) can you post from there on the iPad?
Google is a search engine, not a browser.

Safari is the blue compass symbol on the iPad. It is the default browser, so unless you have downloaded a different browser app, you are using Safari, not Google.
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Yes I can see Safari on the panel, I've been accessing it through Google. What a dope thanks gromit I'll use Safari now. The iPad is set up the same as my laptop, passwords etc, does that make any difference?
And have you checked that you're on the latest iOS?
Question Author
It is downloading iOS9.1 I thought that was the one I had downloaded recently. I'll try AB on the Safari browser later on. Thanks.
Marvellous. Hope it's now ok.
I'm using Safari on iPad and it's fine for AB
@Gromit......You have said that Google is a Search Engine, not a Browser.

I honestly know nothing about iPads and am therefore wondering what the following link is all about. :-

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Hi Psybbs I'm a duffer on technical stuff. I can see the Safari logo not sure how it works yet, I'm on the laptop at the moment supposedly doing something else.
I will try it soon.
A Browser is a piece of software that lets you use the internet by displaying web pages.
Different computer operating systems come with different browsers.
So the browser on Microsoft is Internet Explorer. The browser on Android is called Chrome, and the browser on Apple is called Safari. If you do not like the browser bundled with your computer, you can download another one such as Firefox or Opera. Some browsers work on all systems, while others don't.

A search engine is a web page that is on the world wide web. It catelogues all web pages, and lets you search words or phrases. is the biggest search engine, but there are others. So when people they they goodled it, they mean they searched for something on Hoogle's website in their browser of choice.

Google the company (not the search engine) have branched out from doing just search, to making their own operating systems, Chrome for desktop and Android for mobile. Those use the Chrome browser. The Chrome browser also has versions that run on Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

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I'm On The Ipad And Having Trouble Getting A Reply To Answer Bank

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