Google Chrome On Ipad2

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peachybabe | 21:12 Fri 16th Oct 2015 | Technology
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I have Google Chrome on an iPad 2. I can't seem to find out how to move a webpage onto my home screen.

Any ideas as to how I do this?


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Why on earth would you not just use Safari, the Apple dedicated browser?
Not at all helpful. What software people use is a personal choice. If you do not know the answer don't bother posting.
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Because it is a works ipad, they set it up, and insist that we use it as it is. Generally a pain all round!
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Thank you Gromit.
Apologies. ;-)
Ive just downloaded the Google Chrome for iPhone and there doesn't appear to have an Add to Home Screen icon on the app, but clicking the 3 dots, top right, the square with an upward arrow that is on the bottom of the Safari screen, is there on Chrome, and clicking that brings up the similar set of icons from the bottom, but not the Add to Home Screen.
Next to the 3 dots is a square and clicking that you'll see the + sign on the top left. Clicking that you can add or save that page.

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Google Chrome On Ipad2

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