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askyourgran | 19:58 Thu 24th Sep 2015 | Technology
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I've had to use the IPad my vista laptop has been invaded with some mega bug a couple of days ago i clicked on a Mozilla notice that said my drivers are out of date which has given me a mass of stuff I can't get rid of from my screen. I tried the Microsoft recovery date? Set it to 19th sept hoping it would do. But nothing has happened. I've had a google notice stuck on my screen to update chrome I don't have that. Windows explorer has stopped working mindspark toolplatform has also stopped. The notice stops me closing down it is always running there are one or two others in the background. I literally can't seem to sue it at All


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Restart in Safe mode and run malware bytes.

You'll need safe mode with networking if you haven't got malwarebytes installed - use the free version.

Once cleaned of any nasties, tuen off system restore, restart and scan again - some nasties will reinstall from system restore.

Only when clean after a restart and scan, then turn back on system restore.
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Tuvok how do I turN off system restoRe? Bit of an idiot As well sorry.

I've just got in from a 15-hour shift and I'm feeling shattered, so my brain's not working too well at the moment. (Nothing unusual there then!).

Tuvok's advice looks good. To disable System Restore, go to Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System. Click on System Protection. (If you're asked for confirmation, grant it). Click to remove the tick alongside your C disk (assuming that C is your hard drive). Click OK.

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Thanks Chris this must be my tenth Attempt, must be affecting the iPad too is It possible? WilL do as tub ok suggests if I can gEt explorer back and go into safe mode
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Sorry about the spelling
You need to start the computer in safe mode.

To do that can be a bit tricky depending on your computer.

When you start it do you see something like

F2 Setup
F8 Boot manager

Different compters have different formats of this message.

If you see an option for Boot, try that then select safe mode with networking.

If you don't have that options on screen, try holding F8 as soon as you have pressed the on button - in some cases it may be F11

Alternatively, force shutdown the computer by holding the on button for at least 6 seconds. Then when you restart you should get the boot menu.
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Thanks tuvok, it's a bit of a mess now. A friend of MrAsk turned just after I messaged you, and he took over! Got rid of all the flashing adverts etc, but he has left me without firefox, I'm managing with the old Internet explorer browser for now. At present running Microsoft Security essentials update. so he must have taken the recovery dates way back which is a bit worrying. He's gone now so any questions will have to wait until he turns up again. Tried to get Mcafee but it couldn't access it, notice said I was not on Internet! Hence the Microsoft which is updating. Im a bit wary of Mozilla now, are there any other browsers apart from Chrome which I don't like.
There are dozens of browsers.
Opera is good.
Also Dolphin, Cheetah, etc.
Try them?
Firefox didn't generate that dodgy message. It was malware that was already on your computer that made a call upon your default browser (which could have been Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or anything else) to offer you the dodgy link.

Firefox is perfectly safe (otherwise I wouldn't be using it right now!) and you can simply reinstall it from here:

Before doing that though, it might be worth seeing if it's simply the shortcut to Firefox (rather than the program itself) that's disappeared. Go to 'Computer' and double-click on your C drive. Double-click on Program Files. (If you've got a 64-bit version of Windows you'll need to double-click on 'Program Files (x86)' instead). Double-click on 'Mozilla Firefox'. Double-click on 'Firefox'.

If Firefox opens normally then it's just the program's shortcut that's missing. Go back to where you were before and right-click on Firefox, selecting 'Send To > Desktop (Create Shortcut)'.

If Firefox fails to open normally then reinstall it.

(I'm definitely off to bed now, so any further responses will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry!)
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Thanks Chris sorry to keep you up. It could have been Chrome because the message I couldn't get rid of on screen was to update Google Chrome, there was an accept button but nothing to get rid of it. It looks as though our visitor friend' has done something, I'm missing the screensaver photos too, will have to look at the Photo gallery again. Windows Defender is turned off and I can't get back on. Maybe because I'm updating Microsoft Security Essentials? The Internet Explorer can't get me some sites, Facebook or Bt internet emails, and it's not brilliant on IE either. I'll download firefox again for now. Pete65's suggestions sound Ok I've never heard of them though. Grateful for your input. Thanks.
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Hi Thanks for your support yesterday. I have run a full scan on Microsoft Security Essentials. for some reason I couldn't download McAfee. The scan found 6 security faults, Java based, I've had them removed, and sent the result to Microsoft. I've had to download Mozilla Firefox again. Is that all I need to do now, the recovery date was put back to May.
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Sorry methyl were you taken off for some reason?

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