Another Search Engine?

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andy-hughes | 20:52 Tue 22nd Sep 2015 | Technology
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I am using Internet Explorer on my home PC which runs Windows 8, and it is fine, except for The Answerbank!

I think there are acknowledged problems with the site and IE – so am I able to run another net connection in parallel, just so I can access AB of it, and if so, how do I get it into my PC please?


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Download Mozilla Firefox
Type Google Chrome in search bar and download it.
Or Firefox. There are many browsers to choose from.
Andy I downloaded Google Chrome just to overcome the exact same problems only with AB and it's been fine ever since. I still keep IE as well (although over time I've come to prefer Chrome anyway). You can have 2 or more browsers and switch between them. I believe you just put 'chrome' into google and download it from the site. ABers also use Firefox and safari and others I can't remember.
Andy, I also use Chrome for AB. No problems here.
I use Chrome for everything. Much faster than IE which IMHO should be confined to the trash bin of history.
Andy, I had a similar problem and switched to Firefox. It takes no more than 10 minutes to download and you get to keep all your favourites (Bookmarks on FF).

Then I installed something the ed won't thank me for mentioning, but it begins with 'ad' and ends with 'lock'. Since then I've had no problem whatever on here.
Just download and use chrome - it's a no-brainer. IE is rubbish.
Just to be pedantic, a search engine and a web browser are clean different things. Your query relates to the latter.
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IE doesn't like AB much I'm afraid! Chrome is a good answer for now. We have looked at updating the site for IE and it's on the list - but we just need to get round to the list! :)

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Another Search Engine?

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