Touchpad On New Laptop Too Fast

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looobylooo | 13:14 Mon 24th Aug 2015 | Technology
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Can anyone help please.

I've a new Lenovo laptop (upgraded from Windows 8 to 10)
I'm still finding my way around it as it's quite different to Vista which I was using before on my old laptop.

Anyway, I'm finding the touchpad too fast when scrolling, and I'm having to use the up and down keys instead.
I've tried to see if I can adjust the speed, but can't seem to find where/how to do it.
Also its a two finger scroll, am I able to change it to one, do you know?

Thanks alot! :) x


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Try clicking the notification icon bottom right near the clock, then 'all settings' then 'devices'. From there you should be able to manage the touchpad settings
You could try: Right-Click Windows Start Button>Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Mouse

There may be an option on the Mouse menu for "Touch Pad" settings where Scroll speed can be adjusted etc.
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Thank you both for replying,
I have gone into Control Panel and Settings and Devices but nothing as far as I can see about the Touchpad settings..
I will have another moochy round and see if I can see anything.
Thanks x
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Thanks Baldric, I'll certainly give it a go :) x

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Touchpad On New Laptop Too Fast

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