Is Virgin Broadband Speed Getting Slower

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dieseldick | 11:29 Sun 02nd Aug 2015 | Technology
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my internet speed seems to be well slower than previous years from virgin . im on unlimited .

i suspect with all the android boxes, android tv,s and online streaming that virgin has cut its speeds to try get some money back making people pay more money for better connections.


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Possibly. Don't use them myself but it seems logical that, unless they have had a major network upgrade, they will be sharing the same capacity among more local people.
Check speed with I think if you have several active internet devices, your speed could be reduced on each one so they average out at what you are paying for.
but unless theyve changed their policy, unlimited doesnt mean that with virgin, they throttle and apply bandwidth management....the reasons I left them years ago...never looked back either
Go and have a look on the Virgin Media forum help pages, some people are paying for the 150 service and getting less than 10. I am supposed to be able to get up to 50 but over the last 2 months my highest download speed is 2.25ms. Virgin just tell you to phone in and request a rebate on your bill.
Just too many new customers on an old system, me I am going to move my custom elsewhere.
No, I'm still getting the speed I pay for, 150Mbps
In the Brighton BN1 8EG I get 53.44 and pay £72.57
I opted for the slower speed as I do not download films or music.
Are you cabled to Virgin, or is it through your phone line?

The Phone line business has been moved to TalkTalk.
I haven't noticed any slowdowns recently and I've done several dozen GBs of downloading during the last few days, and the 65GB download for GTA V back in April didn't result in any throttling (and it only took a couple of hours).
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who did you change over to ?
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can anyone tell me a better broadband provider .
We have Sky broadband, no problems at all. Go "Fibre Optic", far superior for just a little extra.
With Infinity unlimited from BT i get a steady 76 - 88mbps - independently measured - with a quite a few other perks free as well
Just run Speedtest with results of 54.17 Mbps & 3.07 Mbps.
Not sure what you have to take but Sky are offering a 32 inch TV as a sweetener on some of their packages at present
Are you confusing access time with download time? When you try to acces a web-page it's like dialling a telephone number - you go through all sorts of connections, taking several seconds, before you are finally connected to the number you want. This is access time. Once you're connected you speak to the person in real time - that's download time. With a web-site the streaming speed may be very fast but you still have to go through all the machinations of connecting, so getting a page to appear on your screen may appear to be slow but it's because of the access time. Fibre broadband will not affect that - it's out of your control.
The problem is DD that you may not have a viable alternative. If I use any supplier other than Virgin the fastest speed I can get is 3Mbps which I'm not prepared to put up with.

You need to see what speed BT can offer you before you do anything - every provider other than Virgin use their cables and won't be any faster.

Use the BT broadband checker here to what speed you can get:

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Is Virgin Broadband Speed Getting Slower

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