"postage To 90245"

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spacechimp | 00:41 Sun 02nd Aug 2015 | Technology
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That's what it says on eBay when not logged in on my Android phone, my Windows phone, my laptop and my dad's PC (last two both Win10, all four on the same wifi).. but we live in the UK, and my IP address shows up as being registered in London on whatismyip and dnsstuff
The other problem is that the only one of those devices that can resolve links is my Windows phone.
Is my modem compromised somehow? I tried changing the DNS on my computer to OpenDNS both before and after upgrading to Win10 and though it allowed me to make the changes, the pretend phishing site said I wasn't using OpenDNS.
Any idea what might be causing this?


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I'm mystified.

If you want a simple test however, take your laptop to somewhere where there's free wi-fi (J D Wetherspoon, larger Asda and Tesco stores, etc, etc) and try again. If you don't get the same message you'll know that it's related to your IP address. (If you do see it, try clearing your browser's cache & cookies to see if that makes a difference).

At home, try changing your IP address by:
a) disconnecting your router, waiting a short while, and then reconnecting it ; and/or
b) using your browser's settings to use a free proxy, chosen from here: ; and/or
c) using the Tor network: ; and/or
d) using a VPN:

(Remember that changing your DNS doesn't change your IP address. Use to check your [apparent] IP address)
I find all these gadgets extremely tedious Buenchico. Bring back the good old days when everything wasn't so airy fairy.
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Well, I reset the modem (and changed the administrator password!) and eBay now thinks I'm in the UK on all devices, so that's some progress. But, which immediately following the reset said (to my delight) I was using OpenDNS, then reverted to saying I wasn't, now (sometimes) doesn't load at all.
And no change at all with the link.
I have a bit of a hard time trusting my connection, frankly..

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"postage To 90245"

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