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queenofmean | 12:09 Thu 18th Jun 2015 | Technology
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I can't remember the name of the last one I had before my laptop became poorly. It was a free downloadable programme, like Microsoft Word/Excel etc. Can anybody recommend a free downloadable Word Processor, Spread sheet that I can use.


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I changed to OpenOffice, but WPS ain't bad either.

Wouldn't have needed either of them if my old 2003 Excel could open and save the later formats :-(
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I think that was it HC, OpenOffice rings a bell.

Thank you both for your replies. At least you have it sorted now though OG. Things are great when they work until they bring out new formats, updates and the like

Many thanks again :)
Old Geezer,

If you install the MS Office Compatibility pack you CAN open and save in the new formats with older versions of office.
I'll give it another go, thanks, but my dodgy memory believes it recalls trying that and it not resulting a solution.
Yes. Unfortunately I already had that. Re-downloaded it, tried it again. It stops Excel working at all, and has to be disabled :-(

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