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bookend | 13:45 Sat 30th May 2015 | Technology
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The keyboard on my remote control works just like the alphanumeric keyboard on a sky remote control, with dual function keys. Although I can enter numbers on screen menus via the keys, I'm finding I can't enter letters.

Half way down the remote is a key marked "CHAR/NUM" which I would have assumed would allow me to select either characters or numbers. However, it doesn't work. Holding the button down and then the numeric key still results in a number on screen. Pressing the key, releasing it and then pressing the numeric key also results in a number on screen.

I can't figure out how to get the buttons to insert letters rather than numbers in on-screen boxes. Can anyone suggest anything please? The manual is next to useless as it only shows a picture of the remote and the button concerned - there is no reference at all how to use it.

Thank you.



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LG TV Help Centre may help you.
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Thank you. I'll give them a try.
Please excuse me if I`m telling you how to suck eggs but it doesnt function like a mobile phone keypad does it ie where you keep pressing the same key and it cycles through various symbols - numbers etc. Just off to have a look at their website.
You could try this -
When you`re on the field you want to type in, press the OK button and a keyboard will pop up

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Lg 42Lw550T Tv Remote Control

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