Windows Media Player problem

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Booldawg | 08:23 Tue 13th Sep 2005 | Technology
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this never happened before - when i play a clip through media player the colours are all messed up, like the brightness setting is too pale. I've tried jigging around with the colour settings but cant get them to display colours correctly. This didnt happen before I updated the player and the clips play perfectly via RealPlayer.

Any ideas? The solution would be to use RealPlayer all the time I guess, but it doesnt play all the clips I have.


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There are a couple of things I can suggest to try (1)maybe your Windows Media Player doesn't have the right codecs. try downloading and installing the codec pack issued by Microsoft.

(2) might sound a bit daft but check your version of Windows Media Player is the most up to date version available (version 10)

hope this helps

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Windows Media Player problem

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