Samsung S5 Mobile Faulty .. Any Suggestions Why

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MustangLady | 07:50 Sun 26th Apr 2015 | Technology
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I purchased a Samsung S5 mobile at end April. I added an extra memory card and uploaded my apps which had on my previous samsung phone along with the usual transfer of telephone numbers etc. Everything ok for first couple weeks but I've found within last 10 days or so my new mobile keeps freezing, happens at least 2-3 times day. It won't do anything for ages either stuck in a screen when doing something or screen just goes black and won't let me do anything. To resolve it I have to take back of phone off to remove battery to reset it. Is there a known fault with Samsung S5? Does anyone else have this problem with this phone or any suggestions why happening? My 30 day return for faulty goods runs out in 3 days at store I bought it from so thinking should take phone back for replacement before warranty runs out. Any suggestions why it happening in meantime. Thanks.


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Make sure to get a class 10 sd card i had your problem, this memory card is best to use for that phone
I have an S5 and it runs perfectly best smart phone Ive ever had.

Take it back pronto and get a replacement

read this
same here baz best phone ive had
have you tried-go to settings-about device-and update software that may help
A have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Mine has also frozen a couple of times in the last 15 months, but if its doing it regularly then get it replaced.
Its either an App trying to get enabled or damn google updating reg
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Thank you all. I will get back to shop tomorrow to get replacement. I had Samsung phone before (s3 mini) and one best phones I've had. I just must be unlucky with this one.
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Berniecuddles. I have completed regular updates so know that is ok. However the sd card I will make sure get that type you mentioned as notice it doesn't say that anywhere on one I now have.

Fender62. Thank you for suggestion however did already try that after about 5th time of freezing screen, unfortunately still doing.

Thanks to all again for suggestions and advice.
I am getting a free upgrade to the S5 in a couple of weeks. Please post back if you find a solution, it will be handy information to know. Good luck.
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Mastercraft I will let you know how the replacement goes, I'm going back shop tomorrow to sort out :) generally Samsung have been good products for me. It is a great phone other than freezing screen on mine, guess I'm just unlucky on this occasion as I was checking out reviews and all look good.
Thanks M'lady.
I too, have had no problems with my S3 mini. The screen does freeze from time to time, but only for ten secs or so, probably refreshing I guess.

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Samsung S5 Mobile Faulty .. Any Suggestions Why

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