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whistonian | 12:37 Sat 31st Jan 2015 | Technology
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My Granddaughter has gone Ski-ing for a week so she has lent me her Netflix.Yesterday I watched 4 hours of film with it connected to my MiFi.Got a shock today when i discovered I had used 9gb in one day,more than I normally use in a month,my monthly allowance is 15gb, No more netflix for me.


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its about right
If you're on a capped monthly Gb tariff, any streaming media service has to be treated with extreme caution. Nine Gb for 4 hours of video is quite high but not excessively so. I assume that whatever you were watching was in HD (high definition). In SD (standard definition), that should have been more like two Gb.
I was looking at broadband plans recently and BT said that a 10Gb monthly cap would be the equivalent of 20 hours of streaming video.
So 9Gb in 4 hours seems a lot.
Whistonian: Who is your ISP and when did you last check your allowances (call the ISP or check via logging in)?

The reason I ask is because a lot of ISP have uncapped broadband without letting customers know.

How many people know that Roaming in the EU will soon be abolished also? not many it seems.
I use between 120 - 190 Gb a month on average.

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