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andydingdangdoo | 10:47 Fri 23rd Jan 2015 | Technology
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My PC is plugged in to my TV and I have 100's of films and Series on there which I like to play using VLC player. I have them all sorted in to folders in Windows explorer but I was wondering if there was any free or cheap software I could download that had a nice interface and could catalog every thing.

The ideal would be if I could click on series icon and then play all in order as at the moment I have to watch one and then go in to a folder and double click the next.

I know I could create play lists in VLC or Window Media but it not what I mean.

I'm not looking to stream from my PC remotely so I don't need a media centre just more of a library tool.

Any suggestions appreciated



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Something like this maybe? :-

I use Serviio free edition. It auto adds and categorises everything straight from download in to genre/year/type etc.

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