Laptop Scanning ..... 1425 Minutes .... And Counting ......

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Gizmonster | 11:12 Fri 16th Jan 2015 | Technology
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Normally I do a quick scan when using "housecall" and it usually takes an hour or less.
For no particular reason, I thought I'd do a deep/full scan this time.

1425 minutes later and 76% complete, it's still scanning.

There's hardly anything on my laptop:

C drive: 146 GB free of 185GB.

Is this normal ??

Why the freakin' hell is it taking so long lol ??


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I think it can be. Been a long time since I used housecall to do a deep scan. There is probably a lot of disk and a lot of data in files etc. to check.

Also depends on the speed of your computer. I'm unsure but the broadband speed might have an effect too. I used to leave it running overnight IIRC.
That said I have no idea what number of Gigs I was checking. If in doubt one can stop and restart.
Depends a lot on your connection speed and how much bandwidth Trend has allocated for your scan. If the Trend servers are busy then you may be on reduced bandwidth.

Is your onboard Antivirus still running at the same time? This may also have an effect.
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There shouldn't be a problem with the broadband connection at my end, I'm with Virgin - 50 MB ... but like you pointed out, it could be due to restrictions at the other end.
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It's still going lol:

1856 minutes, 88% completed .....
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I just run it every now and again, but I usually just run a normal scan.
I thought I'd do a full scan ..... just in case .... well, just in case of whatever .... no particular reason.
I'm beginning to wish I hadn't now lol .....

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Laptop Scanning ..... 1425 Minutes .... And Counting ......

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