Lost Space On A Portable Hard Drive ...?

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joko | 02:20 Sun 04th Jan 2015 | Technology
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I have a portable hard drive of 1TB
but i copied some boot info onto it and for some reason it began to only register as 32gb!
it was fine for a while beforehand, and i have a couple of other identical drives which have been fine too.
i have moved the boot stuff and formatted the drive - twice - but its still registering as just 32gb

can anyone tell me how get the 1tb of space back on it please?
is there some software that will do it? or some process within windows?

i noticed that when i opened the format option, it was registering as fat32, whereas the other identical ones register as NFTS
i changed it to NFTS, but it didnt fix the problem

i am on windows 7, and asus x54c, and the drive is a samsung M3 portable.



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problem is solved now!
And the solution was?
My guess is you were formatting it as fat32 which has a size limit of 32gb when formatted under windows.

Formatting NTFS gets round the problem.
Well I thought that VHG but she said she changed to NTFS and that didn't work.
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i used some kind of drive manager that showed all the drives and showed the rest of the drive as unallocated space - and gave me the option to delete the partition and make it one big one, was done pretty quickly

and yes when i change it to nfts it would not work.

i think the boot stuff i put on it, must have somehow automatically formatted the drive to 32gb - it was to make it able to boot another laptop up that wont start up


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Lost Space On A Portable Hard Drive ...?

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