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Morrisonker | 19:08 Fri 02nd Sep 2005 | Technology
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The connection for my headphones has been acting up recently and I'm not sure what to do barring sending it back to the website I bought it from.  I've thrown away all the packaging and not sure if they'll refund/replace it.  Any ideas there are specialist MP3 fixer type folk?


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This seems to be a fairly common problem with the Zen Micro.  I've not got one myself yet but I have been researching it & while the general feeling is that it's a very good player, I have come across several instances of faulty headphone ports.  As far as I'm aware it'll have to be sent back for a replacement.  I'd contact the dealer you bought it from.  As long as you can prove you bought it from them it shouldn't make any difference whether you still have the packaging. If it was a private sale it won't hurt to contact Zen to see if they'll swap it anyway.

duh.  That should read:

it won't hurt to contact Creative to see if they'll swap it anyway.

Bit worrying as I was thinking of getting a Zen Micro.

Bit more info here

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