Restricting Web Access

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AKMild | 09:43 Fri 21st Nov 2014 | Technology
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I need to restrict web access on a pc for young people such that only two particular websites are available. I can set parental controls that control content but I want to be much more restrictive.

Any ideas how I can achieve this? I'm Using Windows XP and Google Chrome.


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There's also a YouTube video on that link showing you how it works. If the website isn't on your allow list then it won't allow it, simples (said Alexander Orlov).
*Aleksandr (cliiicks)
I have used this for my kids:

you can restrict internet access or just certain websites, you can even set up their own home page with just the sites and apps you want them to have on there. It uses pin protection.

It free and really easy to use.

auntie xxx
Arf ABauntie I was hoping for best answer. You've outdone me :)

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Restricting Web Access

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